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About Pyramid

Since its inception in 1985 by Dr. Marianne King and Dr. Judy Mayo, Pyramid has successfully served clients in Banking, Health Care Organizations, Trade Associations, Professional Firms, Security, Educational Institutions, Retail Operations, and Government Agencies.

Pyramid Founding Partners
Designs for Training Excellence  



Dr. Judy Mayo, COO

Dr. Mayo is a licensed organizational development psychologist.  Her specialities include management and employee assessment and selection,  custom design of job specific employee training.

Dr. Marianne King, CAO

Dr. King is a curriculum and instruction designer.  Her specialities include custom designed management development programs. She also designs job specific skill building training for supervisors and employees. 

Pyramid Business Services
Service Specialties
Pyramid is a full service company that specializes in services to employers in training and development.  It provides management consultations, employee assessment of job-specific training needs, and custom design of company specific training curriculum.   Employee training may be delivered by Pyramid trainers or by company trainers.

Employer Services
Since its inception, Pyramid has successfully served private sector clients in the Banking, Educational Institutions, Health Care, Retail, Hospitality, Security, Industrial, Transportation, and Customer Service fields.   Pyramid is also a delegated agency of the Chicago Department of Community Development (DCD) and provides contracted services for businesses and job seekers. 

Job Seeker Services
Pyramid provides a wide range of services that enable Chicago residents to increase their career development skills to secure employment.   Pyramid also works with job seekers to match their skills to employer job openings. 


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